Herbs with antiviral effect

Herbs with antiviral effect

Since ancient times herbs have been used as natural treatment of various diseases, especially viral infections.

Here are some plants, which will protect you against viruses due to their strong antiviral effect.


It has a verified antiviral effect against flu and herpes simplex and some minor effect against herpes zoster. Scientific laboratories have proved that the extracts from the flowers of calendula depending on the applied dose inhibit and reduce the activity of the reverse transcriptase HIV-1.


Popular and known to everyone, this herb is famous for its protective functions. The carvacrol which thymus contains has antiviral effect.


Basil strengthens the immune system and its composition helps for the protection of organism against various infections, including viruses.

Garden tea

Garden tea or salvia is an aromatic plant, which has been used for a long time in traditional medicine for the treatment of infectious diseases.

The antiviral properties of this magical plant are connected mainly to a compound such as safenicynolide, which is found in its leaves.


Dill actively fights viruses, strengthens the immune system of organism and reduces inflammation.


Garlic is very popular as a medicine, which is very suitable in the fight against many viral diseases. Garlic actively fights flu, viral pneumonia and rhinoviruses, which cause the common cold.


Onion is very useful for the whole body but it is used mostly by traditional medicine to treat respiratory problems and has verified antiviral effect. During the Spanish flu pandemics, people survived by placing a head of onion in each room.


It is widely known that mint has not only spasmolytic effect but also some strong antiviral properties. It is often added to tea, medicine and various mixtures, which are used for natural treatment of viral diseases.


Rosemary is often used not only for cooking. Its oleanolic acid has demonstrated its ability to kill herpes viruses, HIV, flu and hepatitis.


Chamomile is a universal anti-inflammatory herbal medication, which is used for the treatment of problems with the respiratory tracts, etc.

The main component of the essential oil from chamomile is azulene. It activates the protective function of the white blood cells, accelerates the regeneration processes and has soothing effect.


Echinacea is one of the most popular herbs used in herbal medicine for its healing properties.

Many parts of this plant, including its flowers, leaves and roots, are used to treat a wide range of diseases, including viral infections.


The chemical composition of oregano activates the production of white blood cells, which protect organism against viruses, bacteria and parasites. The ascorbic acid improves the immune system and thymol has analgesic effect.


The elderberry syrup is used to treat viral infections such as flu and common cold. It stimulates blood circulation, which results to better perspiration and effective cleansing of the body.


The most valuable substance in its composition is the balm essential oil. It provides bacteriostatic and antiviral effects, stops the inflammatory processes and has antioxidant properties.

Rose hip

Rose hip is very rich in Vitamin C, which is strong antioxidant, and the flavonoids it contains have antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiallergic properties.


This spice, widely used in Asian cuisine, contains biologically active compounds, which kill viruses especially the different strains of the flu virus.

Bay leaf

Plant used since ancient times to fight viral infections such as malaria.


Cranberries are strong protection against infections. The fruits full of antioxidants also have antiviral properties and protect against the formation of plaques on the teeth.


Eucalyptus has strong antiviral effect. The composition of the leaves in eucalyptus includes the active component cineol – a strong natural antiseptic. It has anti-inflammatory, painkilling and immune-modulating effect on organism.

Pine needles

Pine needles have high content of Vitamin C and other antioxidants. According to a recent study, water extracts from them may protect the DNA against damage.

However, in critical conditions you must consult your doctor and follow the prescribed therapy. Herbs may be used as a supplement to the main therapy and their most effective application is in the prevention of diseases.