How does the “miraculous” dandelion root help? Ten amazing benefits.


Dandelion root acts uniquely on human organism and has been used since ancient times to help in chronic and acute conditions. It is easily accessible, simple, and at the same time extremely efficient cure for many problems in our body. The only condition for the choice of food supplement is the product’s purity and concentration.

The secret is in the composition!

Dandelion roots composition is very rich. They contain the triterpene compounds taraxasterol, taraxerol and pseudo-taraxerol, as well as taraxacin, inulin, rubber, fats, which are made of glycerides and the palmitic, linoleic, cerolinoleic, olein and other acids, inosite, manite and choline. Due to the high concentration of a number of vitamins - A, B, C and Е, without any doubt, we can call it natural vitamin complex, which, when we add the minerals, makes it natural biostimulator. Dandelion roots contribute to energise organism and maintain the immune system in good condition.

Amazing benefits:

1. Fighting the cancer cells
Within the research held at the University of Windsor in Canada, Siyaram Pandey and Dr. Caroline Hamm observed improvement in the condition of patients with oncological diseases when they took dandelion root. The specialists were amazed to find out that cells affected by leukaemia got self-destroyed. The apoptosis mechanism was activated (Apoptosis is a process of programmed cell death). It was even much more amazing to find out that the healthy cells were not exposed to such impact. True success was registered in the solution of problems with the female reproductive system and the treatment of lung tumours (such data was confirmed by the "International Journal of Oncology" written in 2008, and it contained a particular chapter entitled "Evaluation of aqueous extracts of Taraxacum officinale on growth and invasion of breast and prostate cancer cells").

2. Supporting the proper function of the cardiac muscle
Dandelion root, especially in the form of concentrated extract, purifies blood and significantly improves the function of the cardiovascular system. It reduces cholesterol levels and improves blood circulation. Intake of the extract of dandelion root helps the proper functioning of the cardiac muscle. It has antisclerotic effect.

3. Improving metabolism and helping us become slimmer.
Dandelion root extract can improve our outer look and appearance with visible effect. It regulates the production of insulin, normalizes carbon and lipid metabolism. That’s why, very often, it is prescribed in case of diabetes mellitus, malfunctions of the thyroid gland, lowering the cholesterine levels, losing weight. It helps the function of the liver and stimulates metabolism!

4. Helping organism for problems with the joints
Because of the blood-purifying properties and the favourable impact on metabolism, dandelion root helps in arthrosis, rheumatic pains. The plant contains calcium and magnesium, which strengthen the bones. For arthritis, osteoporosis, arthrosis.

5. For purification of the organism and detoxication
Due to inulin, the high concentration of vitamins and microelements, inulin attracts toxins, residues, heavy metals, cancerogenic substances and removes them from organism. That’s why dandelion root is recommended even in case of poisoning – either from food, chemicals or medication. It is recommended for gout, hepatitis.

6. Herb – blood-producer
Dandelion root assists in the production of blood cells, raises leucocyte levels and helps in cases of lymph nodes inflammation. It is recommended for anaemia.

7. Digestion
Due to inulin, it maintains the microflora, assists in the reproduction of healthy bifidobacteria in the intestines. That’s why it is recommended after intake of antibiotics. It helps cope with the symptoms of pancreatitis, hepatitis, haemorrhoids and constipation, colitis, enteritis, meteorism. Useful in intestines malfunctions – constipation and burden.

8. Respiratory diseases
Dandelion root has body temperature reducing properties, helps treat coughing, flu, bronchitis. It assists in the successful fight against inflammations and viruses. It has favourable effect on our status in case of shortage of vitamins. It has bactericidal effect.

9. Nervous system
Dandelion root normalizes the function of the nervous system. It reduces stress, helps against insomnia and anxiety. It has been used since ancient times as a natural sedative.

10. For kidney problems
Dandelion root has bactericidal properties, helps during inflammation processes and renal calculi (kidney stones).
Bonus useful properties:

For women

Extract of dandelion root has effective positive impact for menstrual problems, disorders of the mammal glands. It helps in case of cystitis and inflammations of the reproductive system, reduces pain in painful conditions and brings back cheerfulness and energy. It helps the hormonal balance during the climacterium.

For men

According to the Tibetan medicine, dandelion root enhances sexual power and assists in raising the energy. Studies and research show that dandelion root protects against early heart attacks and strokes. It has favourable effect on the reproductive system, improves potency. It lowers cholesterol levels and detoxicates the liver.