SARSAPARILLA Root - Available from 2oz-4lbs

SARSAPARILLA Root - Available from 2oz-4lbs

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Botanical name
Smilax officinalis

Common Names
Sarsaparilla, salsaparrilha, khao yen, saparna, smilace, smilax, zarzaparilla, jupicanga.

Could be used for
Acne, skin rashes, gout, lupus, cystitis, lack of appetite, psoriasis, tumors. Strong immunostimulant.

Suggested preparation and dosage
One table spoon of the herb is boiled in 500 ml water for 10 minutes. Filter the liquid. Drink 100 ml three times a day before meals.

Do not overdose! This product could not replace regular nutrition.

Store in dry, ventilated place, protected from direct sun light, inaccessible for children.